Alpaca Garments & Knitwear

 As well as working with clay and making soap, I can spin a good yarn.  Years ago, I used to have a few sheep in the backyard and I'd shear them with scissors then spin their fleece and knit jumpers for my family. You could say, I grew my own jumpers.  I love the range of colours found in natural fibres and enjoy spinning many different fibres including wool, alpaca, silk, camel, yak, mohair, angora rabbit, synthetic fibres and clients' pet fur. I use mainly alpaca as it's such a luxurious fibre and is much warmer than wool and comes in a great variety of natural colours. I also enjoy dyeing all of these fibres then spinning them. I knit (among other things) "Shetland Lace"  or "Wedding Ring"  shawls. The yarn is finely spun then knitted. The resulting shawl is fine enough to pull through a wedding ring.  Most people are surprised to find out it is actually handspun.  I buy most of my alpaca fleeces from Booyong Alpacas - a property near Goulburn. They, too, have been badly affected by the recent drought. They have about 200 alpacas and all are named (check out their facebook page and see the latest crias (babies).

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