I am a Ceramic Artist and I like to make pottery that people enjoy using.
The bulk of my work is the production of functional domestic ware including a range of garden pottery.  I also make ‘one-off’ vases, platters, and sculptures. My interest in, and knowledge of, a wide variety of crafts over the years has given me countless ideas and have been invaluable aids in producing my current work.
I make a wide range of domestic ware from little bowls, mugs, cup and saucer sets, pie pots,plates, platters, casserole pots, canisters up to teapots. I have four different designs in my domestic ware - Desert Spirit, Black Magic, Blue Opal and Rustic Charm as well as individual patterns and colours. I also make large orders for Restaurants and commercial shops. The need to break away from the structural, exacting routine of my everyday work finds an outlet in my decorative platters and sculptural work. These large sculptural pieces often have unusual themes and are individual and sometimes eccentric. Occasionally, I am able to combine both ideas and end up with some very unconventional tableware, which is definitely functional but fun to use. I find it very satisfying to find good homes for these special pieces. I will need four to six weeks from order to delivery. It takes time for pots to dry before they are fired.

Pottery purchases often need to be couriered because they are bulky. In these instances I will contact you after purchase with the additional fee.

If you are buying more than one item, please don't be alarmed

by the postage cost. There is a glitch with the calculation.  

Please contact me for the correct postage.